Recently introduced by Shopify, metafield definitions act as templates that specify what part of your store a metafield applies to and what values the metafield can have. Before you can add metafield values to specific products (or any other resource type) you first need to add the metafield definition for that information. Adding metafield definitions ensures that the same validation rules apply to every value that you enter for a specific metafield.

Sounds great, however, there are some drawbacks: 

  1. merchants can only have up to 10 pinned metafield definitions (the ones accessible on the product page directly)
  2. the total number of Shopify metafield definitions is limited to 100 (you can't create more than 100 metafields)

Luckily, you can get more control over metafields and edit data with no limits using our metafield sets. Yet another cool thing about metafield sets is that they support Shopify metafield definitions too! Which is great as it helps to remove the 10 pinned metafields and 100 total metafields limits.

All you need to do to access metafield definitions in our app is simply click on the Definitions tab of the editor:

And, of course, you can manage metafield definitions suing our browser extension

Click on the "Sets" tab (1) and select "Definitions" option from a drop-down menu: