The browser extension supports all admin dashboard languages (this Shopify feature is currently in BETA testing). 

The browser extension is not available for the ROOKIE (free) plan. Before proceeding with this tutorial, please make sure that you've upgraded your plan. You can learn more about our plans here ;)

To start with, you need to add an extension to your browser:

1) For Google Chrome, Opera, Edge and Brave browsers the extension can be downloaded here.

2) In case you're using Mozilla Firefox, you can get your copy here.

Once the extension as been added to your browser, go to any product (collection/customer/order) page to enable the extension.

Once you see the new block added to the admin panel, click the "Enable" button.

On this page, click the "Install" button.

After this, you'll be redirected to a confirmation page

That's it :)

Feel free to close this page and go back to the product page to start using the browser extension.

Simply click on the "Search for metafields" bar to extend the embedded metafields editor and it's ready to use.

Here's what the admin panel will look when a metafield is selected:

In addition to this, the browser allows you to manage metafield sets directly from the product page. Simply navigate to the "Sets" tab and you're good to go!

Also, you can click the browser extension icon to access the help center or rate our awesome app.

Chrome, Opera and Edge:

Mozilla Firefox:

Important notes:

1) The browser extensions support products, collections, customers and orders only. 

2) If you can't see the metafields block added to your admin panel, please, refresh the page (press F5 button). Sometimes a slow internet connection, some network failures or other third-party factors may prevent the metafields block from being injected.