Understanding pricing. Free and paid plans, plan limits and app credits.

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Free plan. 

Our app offers a forever-free plan that you can use to edit the unlimited metafields manually. It fits for smaller stores that do not have much data to manage or for merchants who only need to update a couple of metafields every now and then. It does not give you access to advanced features like the bulk editor, theme extensions, CSV export and import, Excel-like editor, browser extension, metafield sets, Shopify Flow integration, etc.

Resource types and entities.

Before we proceed, we need to introduce two terms that you will see pretty often in this article:

1) A resource type. In the Shopify world, that's how you describe an object's type: a product, collection, order, blog post, etc.

2) An entity. Each product/customer/order/blog post object counts as one entity. Consider it an alias to refer to a single instance of an object without focusing on its type.

Subscription plan tiers.

Each of our advanced subscription plans grants full access to all the features. Yet still, there are three of them. Instead of forcing you to pay extra for certain features, we opted for another approach - you pay based on how many paid resources your store requires to operate. Our advanced subscription plans are graded based on the total number of entities in your Shopify store. Please note: we are talking about the total number of entities and not the number of entities in specific filtered selection/per bulk action.

The following advanced plans are available:

  1. Adept - $9/month, up to 2,000 entities of each resource type;
  2. Guru - $19/month, up to 20,000 entities of each resource type;
  3. Guru Plus - $59/month, up to 100,000 entities of each resource type.

We have three tiers of default servers perfectly balanced for their expected load. If your store has more data than is covered by our highest "standard" plan, please contact us, and we will configure a custom environment to match your needs.

The limits are applied to each resource type independently, meaning you can keep access to the bulk editing features for one resource type even if the other resource type exceeds the limits of your plan. For instance, if there are less than 2,000 products and more than 1 million orders in your store, and you know that you only need to manage the product level metafields, then you can upgrade your plan to Adept.

Yet another great thing is that some of our features are not subject to the limits above. You can upgrade to Adept and gain unlimited access to:

  1. Theme extensions;
  2. Excel-like editor;
  3. Browser extension.

App credits.

The app credits should be viewed as a virtual currency and an alternative way to handle bulk updates (or CSV exports/imports) in our app. For $1 you get 1000 app credits. Depending on the type of bulk action, for one app credit, you can:
  1. export all metafields for one entity;
  2. import one metafield for one entity;
  3. create/update/delete one metafield for one entity via the bulk editor.

App credits are used in the following scenarios:
  1. for stores that are not subscribed to our advanced plans but need a single bulk task to be executed;
  2. for stores that are subscribed to an advanced plan but need to edit metafields for a resource type that exceeds the plan's limits.

For instance, your store has about 1,000 products and 100,000 customers. You know you will work only with the product-level metafields, so you upgrade your plan to Adept. However, then you need to update a couple of metafields for your customers. If you don't want to upgrade to another subscription plan, you can use app credits instead.

Each store gets 1,000 app credits for free when the app is installed - a gift to support small businesses and/or let merchants test the bulk editing features without upgrading their subscription plans.
This is a one-time offer and free app credits can't be transferred between Shopify stores.

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