The bulk editor feature for the ROOKIE (free) plan is available on app credits basis. 

You can learn more about our plans and the app credits here ;)

Let's start with some basics. The bulk editor is a feature that allows you to add, update or delete a metafield for all products, product variants, collections, customers, orders at once. In addition to this, we've developed an advanced filtering system making it possible to apply the bulk edits only to the resources matching your specific criteria. 

For example, you can add a season sale metafield for a specific vendor's products or update a tab content for every single product with just one click. Awesome, right? Now, let's see how it works.

First, go to the app section of your Shopify admin panel: 

and select our awesome app:

Once there, go to "Bulk actions -> Bulk editor":

Next, you can proceed with the bulk editing or apply some filters to narrow down the list of the resource to be edited.

Creating filters is a pretty easy task. Just hit the "Add new filter" button, choose a property to filter the resources by and enter the matching conditions.

If you've finished creating the filters or decided to skip them, press "Continue" button to move on.

Now, enter the attributes of the metafled you'd like to be created, updated or deleted and press "Apply X actions" button. 

There is a limit for the number of the concurrent bulk actions at a time - 3. This had to be set in order to be sure that Shopify would be able to handle all the requests.

And that's all :)