Everything you need to know about the Excel-like editor

Modified on Sun, 27 Feb 2022 at 02:22 AM

Available for our advanced plans, the Excel-like editor allows users to create, update and delete metafields in bulk in a handy form of a customizable spreadsheet.

Let's start with accessing the editor. First, go to the apps section of your Shopify admin panel: 

and select our awesome app:

Once there, select the "Excel-like editor" option in the main menu:

When the editor is loaded, the main window with 6 control groups will be revealed:

1) Resource selector, allows to select a resource type to edit metafields for.

2) List of the available saved searches.

3) Metafields selector, allows to select metafields to be edited. Metafield sets and Shopify metafield definitions supported.

4) Resource list, displays up to 50 entities of selected resource type per page. Adjustable column:

5) Advanced filters, narrow down the list of entities to edit metafields for. Use the search option, multiple filters or both:

6) Navigation buttons, navigate to the next or previous page.

Assuming that you've already selected a resource type, let's see the metafields selector in details.

Click on the "Add metafields" button to reveal the additional options:

Now you can select metafields from metafield sets and Shopify definitions (1) or add custom metafields (2). It might be useful for metafields that are not a part of any metafield set.

When you click on an item from a metafield set or add a custom metafield, it gets displayed on the right side of the pop-up:We recommend selecting only the metafields that you need to edit for ultimate performance. Just like any other advanced editor, our Excel-like editor is powered by JavaScript, which is executed directly in your web-browser. Selecting too many metafields may affect the performance of your web-browser.

Once you're done with selecting the metafields, press the "Confirm" button:

Now you can start editing the data by clicking on any cell representing a metafield:

You can move to the next cell of the active column by pressing the "enter" button on your keyboard, navigate between the cells in different rows an columns using the "arrow" buttons and paste the content from the clipboard (ctrl+v).

A focused cell reveals some additional options:

1) apply the value from this cell to the entire active column on this page;

2) copy the value of this cell to the clipboard;

3) revert the changes;

4) clear the value (empty the column).

In addition to this, you can select a range of cells within a single column to enter the value in bulk by dragging the bottom right corner of the focused cell down:If you change the value in one of these cells, it will be applied to entire selected range:

Also, you can do the same thing for entire column without specifying the range manually:

When you've finished editing the data, you can save (or discard) the changes by clicking a respective button:

and navigate to the next (or previous) page by clicking the [<] or [>] buttons:

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