Everything you need to know about the Excel-like editor

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Accessing the Excel-like editor

Go to the Apps section of your Shopify admin panel (1) and select Metafields Guru from the list of installed apps (2):

From the homepage of our app, click on the "Excel-like editor" menu item (3) to get to the editor's grid:

Well done! Now, you can start managing your metafields.

Understanding the UI

When the editor is loaded, you will be greeted by 7 groups of control elements:

1) Resource type selector - allows you to choose the resource to edit metafields for, i.e.: products, orders, pages, etc.

2) Quick access to the list of saved searches.

3) Metafield selector.

4) Resource list. You can adjust the width of this column by dragging its right border.

5) Advanced filters - a neat tool for precise updates.

6) Settings. Here you can configure the editor's behavior.

7) Pagination buttons. Due to the limitations of Shopify's API, you can display entities at portions of up to 50 items per page. Use these buttons to navigate between the pages.

Adding metafields to the grid / Removing metafields from the grid

First, press the "Select metafields" button to see the available options. When a sidebar is revealed, you can select a metafield from metafield sets and definitions (1), select an existing metafield from another resource (given that products are the most popular one, it's safe to say "from another product") (2), or specify the metafield's type/namespace/key combination manually (3):

Confirm your selection to start editing metafields:

A metafield can be removed from the editor's grid in two ways:

1) By pressing the trash can button in the metafield selection menu

2) By pressing the [...] and X buttons in the grid itself

Editing metafields

To edit a metafield, click on the cell and enter/update/delete its content. An active cell reveals 4 additional buttons:

1) To assign the value from the active cell to an entire column (affects only the current page of up to 50 items);

2) To copy the value from the active cell to the clipboard;

3) To discard changes;

4) To clear the value.

You can edit multiple columns simultaneously by highlighting them with your cursor (a.k.a. pointer or mouse):

The range can be extended to the entire column using the same cursor-dragging trick or by selecting the column using the header button:

Press the Save button when you finish editing the data:

Compatibility with spreadsheet editors

You can copy multiple cells from a Google or Excel sheet to our editor and vice versa:

You can use the arrow buttons to navigate between the editor's cells.

If you press Enter after typing in a metafield's value, you move to the next cell in the same column. If you press Tab, you will move to the cell to the right from the active cell.

If you press Del or Backspace, you will clear the value of an active cell or selection.

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