As we learned earlier, the bulk editor allows users to delete up to 3 metafields for all products (or any other resource type) or a filtered selection with just a couple of clicks. Assuming that you're familiar with the bulk editor, let's skip the basic configuration steps. However, feel free to check out the article linked above for more details, if needed.

Let's walk the process of configuring the bulk editor for deleting multiple metafields step by step:

1) Select the "Delete metafields" option form a drop down menu;

2) Enter metafield namespace;

3) Enter metafield key;

Here is a screenshot of what a configured bulk action would look like:

However, if you'd like to delete more than one metafield, you may want to click on the "Add new action" button (figure 4) and repeat the steps 1 to 3 (figure 5).

Please note that bulk actions are irreversible. We encourage users to create a metafield backup using the data export feature prior to running any bulk actions.