Available for all of our app's plans (ROOKIE included), the advanced filters and sorting functionality turn metafields management into a even simpler and quicker task. Especially, for someone dealing with a huge amount of metafields. 

Let's start our little tour.

Here is an image of what the "default" metafields list looks like:

It definitely looks nice, but wouldn't it be great to have an option for sorting the list or displaying metafields of specific namespace value type? Sure, it would be a really neat feature... and that's why we've created it for you.

Now it's possible to sort metafields by the following criteria:

And here is the list of the filters available: 

1) namespace (multiple search keys allowed)

2) value type

3) status (display all metafields or only the ones with unsaved changes applied)

And, of course, you can combine all filters and sorting options to get an ultimate metafields selection.   

Please, note: these filters and sort order settings won't affect the way metafields are displayed at the product page, third party app/integration etc. 

And there's a pretty good reason for that: sadly, our app can't control how metafields are being processed by Shopify Liquid code snippets or Shopify storefront API.