The data export feature for the ROOKIE (free) plan is available on app credits basis. 

You can learn more about our plans and the app credits here ;)

First, go to the app section of your Shopify admin panel: 

and select our awesome app:

Next, go to "Bulk actions -> Export": 

Once there, you can select the resource type you'd like to export to a CSV file from a drop-down menu:

Next, you can apply filters (if needed):

In case you don't need to apply filters, feel free to skip this step.

We're almost done! The final step is to decide whether you'd like to export all metafields for a given resource type or a filtered selections of metafields. In case you want to export metafields within a specific namespace and/or key only, you have to fill in the corresponding fields:

In addition to this, you can enable the "Export empty metafields" option:

if you'd like to get a template file with all the system fields populated (resource GUID/handle, metafield namespace, key, value etc) pre-filled and simply edit metafields values. It might be handy in case you're looking for an efficient way to prepare a CSV spreadsheet for a data import.

Otherwise, leave these fields empty and proceed with the data export.