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The theme extensions are a new feature of our app that allows you to add metafields as custom blocks to your storefront.

Compatible with all Online Storefront 2.0 themes, these blocks are a perfect choice for those who want to customize, for instance, a product page template but don't want all the hassle with coding. This tutorial covers all the basics and helps you learn how to add a theme extension. Please refer to the dedicated tutorials to learn more about each supported block.

Supported blocks

At this point, our app supports the following blocks:

1) Text / HTML;

2) Reference / Related products;

3) Image / Gallery;

4) Link / Button / File;

5) Video;

6) Rating;

7) Color;

8) Date / Time;

9) Boolean.

Adding a theme extension

Step 1. In your Shopify admin area, click on the Sales channels (1) and select Online store:

Step 2. Locate the theme you want to edit (3) and press Customize (4):

Step 3. Once Shopify redirects you to the theme editor, select the template you want to customize. In this tutorial, we will focus on the default product template:

Step 4. Press the "(+) Add Block" button and switch to the Apps tab, or enter the name of our app in the search field to reveal the options:

Step 5. Select a block and place it in the perfect spot. Let's add a text block to display the free shipping message, connect it to a metafield, and place it under the product title. Select the Text block:

Now, you need to connect a metafield to this block. This is done by specifying the namespace and key of the metafield the given block must obtain the data from:

If you started by adding the metafield block and do not have a metafield yet, you can save the changes and then create a metafield with the namespace and key suggested by our app. Otherwise, you must copy the data from an existing metafield. We will use this metafield for demonstration:

If the block was connected to a metafield and that metafield has a value, you will see the value displayed on the preview:

Now, you can drag this block under the product title:

Yet another cool thing is that you can assign a label to a block so that each of your blocks can be identified quickly:

Important information

1) Due to the peculiarities of Shopify, you integrate blocks into a specific theme only. It is technically impossible to assign a single block to multiple themes. The process must be repeated to add an existing block to another theme. Switching to another theme or the newer version of your current theme won't carry over the blocks you configured for your "old" theme. We don't offer theme customization or theme transfer services, meaning we won't be able to help you copy the block from one theme to another or customize the blocks for you.

2) The theme extensions are available as part of advanced Metafields Guru subscription plans for live Shopify stores or in the sandbox mode for development/partner test stores.

3) The blocks you created will be removed if you uninstall our app or cancel the advanced subscription plan.

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